We advocate for fathers and help manage cases with an aim at family reunification by assisting fathers in developing parenting skills in tandem with a step-by-step reunification plan.

We empower fathers to find and use their voice in their court cases keeping at the forefront the betterment of the family and the best interest of the child. 

Support In Family Court

We provide fathers with moral support, counseling, case strategy building, parenting education, and self-growth via support groups and classes, and legal clinics. 

We attend hearings and mediation for support purposes only.

On a case by case basis we can provide resources for fathers in need of education, food, and clothing.

Classes & Groups



Anger Management

High Conflict Resolution

Substance Awareness etc.

Fathers Talk Circle


Fathers participate in individual counseling and group counseling, learning coping skills and techniques to become positive fathers and partners.

POPS Clinical Team offers counseling services for engaged participants on a case by case basis.

Legal Clinic

POPS Legal Team offers clinics and services for engaged participants on a case by case basis.


We advocate for peer-to-peer mentoring. Fathers who have completed our program mentor new participants, teaching them how to survive the "system" and to become a better parent.

Supervised Visitation (Professional Provider)

Our professional supervised visitation program assists fathers with having positive and continuing contact with their child/ren who have court-ordered professional supervised visitation.**

Fill out our supervised visitation pre-intake form if you are interested in  requesting visitation services.

In accordance with the Uniform Standards of Practice 5.20, and California Family Code Section 3200.5, our professional provider** accomplishes this by assuring the custodial parent (CP) that the minor child/ren's (MC) physical and emotional safety is provided for, that he child has contact with the non-custodial parent (NCP), and by giving the non-custodial parent the ability to have a positive relationship with their child/ren.

**please visit our visitation page for definitions of bold terms