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Parenting Informational Links

The following links are to some of the best evidence based parenting resources on the web. Read below to check them out!

Everyday Parenting: The ABCs of Child Rearing

A practical guide via 20 how-to videos explaining parenting techniques that address problem behaviors at home and school.

Effective Child Therapy

This website offers information on symptoms of & treatments for behavioral and mental health problems in children and adolescents. The site also helps parents determine whether a child’s behavior is normal or is a sign of a bigger issue, and offers guidance on selecting a child psychologist.

Info About Kids

Geared toward parents, educators and behavioral health specialists, the site covers common parenting concerns, such as sleep difficulties, drug and alcohol use, puberty and much more!

ACT Raising Safe Kids Program

This site provides positive parenting skills to parents of young children to foster safe, stable, healthy and nurturing environments and relationships that prevent children’s exposure to abuse and adversities.

Resilience Booster: Parent Tip Tool

This site provides parents and caregivers with tips on how to boost children’s resilience in the face of adverse experiences.

Magination Press

Books to help practitioners, educators, parents and other caregivers guide their children through a variety of challenges, such as starting school, shyness, divorce, autism, trauma and death

ACF Father Engagement 2018

The Benefits of Father Involvement and the Supportive Role of Telecommuting

June 2018

Lilla Dale McManis, MEd, PhD
President of Parent in the Know

The Benefits of Father Involvement and the Supportive Role of Telecommuting