Classes & Groups

Classes offered are designed for court ordered requirements, or simply to help participants better understand their patterns and gain coping skills to improve interpersonal relationships. All classes are court approved.

Below are some of the classes and groups we provide. You can register for classes in person (by appointment only) or register quickly and conveniently online with this short form:

POPS Class Registration



Co-Parenting/High Conflict

Anger Management

Substance Awareness

Domestic Violence Prevention

Support Groups

Fathers Talk Circle


Legal Clinic on a case by case basis

POPS also offers participants skills through parenting education, communication strategies, and self-growth components in non-certificate earning classes and support groups.

If you are looking to become more self-aware, reduce conflict, and develop better parenting or co-parenting techniques and are not court ordered to do so, our support groups may be just what you need. Check out the info on some of the groups we provide. 

Fathers Talk Circle

Wednesdays 5:30 - 7:30pm

619-683-9340 ext. 33027

Substance Awareness/ACE (Adverse Childhood Experiences)

Wednesdays 5:00pm - 6:30pm

619-683-9340 ext 33028

To become involved in our programs, we invite you to attend our Wednesday evening Father's Talk Circle. 

Parenting Resources

Follow this link for advice, tips, and insights on parenting, as well as downloadable resources on the best ways to raise your child(ren).

Anger Management

Anger Management Resources & Skills


Advanced/Co-Parenting Resources & Skills

Effective Parenting

Effective Parenting Resources & Skills

High Conflict Management & Resolution

High Conflict Management & Resolution Resources & Skills