Classes & Groups

In an effort to help participants develop better parenting techniques and co-parenting skills we offer parenting education, communication strategies, and self-growth components via classes and support groups. Below are some of the classes and groups we provide. 

To enroll in any of our programs you must attend a minimum of four (4) consecutive groups either Tuesday evenings (Mothers) or Wednesday evenings (Fathers). Click for more.

Classes (Certificate Earning)



Anger Management

High Conflict Resolution

Substance Awareness etc.

Support Groups & Workshops

Fathers Talk Circle

MOMS (Mothers On My Side) Talk Circle

Legal Clinic on a case by case basis

Parenting Resources

Follow this link for advice, tips, and insights on parenting, as well as downloadable resources on the best ways to raise your child(ren).


Advanced/Co-Parenting Resources & Skills

Anger Management

Anger Management Resources & Skills

High Conflict Management & Resolution

High Conflict Management & Resolution Resources & Skills

Substance Awareness

Substance Awareness Resources & Skills