Advocacy & Support


We advocate for fathers and help manage cases with an aim at family reunification by assisting fathers in developing parenting skills in tandem with a step-by-step reunification plan.

We empower fathers to find and use their voice in their court cases keeping at the forefront the betterment of the family and the best interest of the child. 

Support In Family Court

We provide fathers with moral support, counseling, case strategy building, parenting education, and self-growth via support groups and classes, and legal clinics. 

We attend hearings and mediation for support purposes only.

On a case by case basis we can provide resources for fathers in need of education, food, and clothing.


Fathers participate in individual counseling and group counseling, learning coping skills and techniques to become positive fathers and partners.

POPS Clinical Team offers counseling services for involved participants on a case by case basis.

The following is a listing of court approved counseling resources.

Parenting Resources

Follow this link for advice, tips, and insights on parenting, as well as downloadable resources on the best ways to raise your child(ren).