Advocacy in Child Welfare


We empower fathers to find and use their voice in their child welfare cases. For more information click the link below

Support In Family Court


We provide fathers with moral support, strategy building, education, self-growth, and court-approved supervised visitation. 

Tribal Justice Collaborative


We protect family unity and ensure children have meaningful relationships with both parents and the larger tribal community.

Publications & Resources


Follow the link below to view downloadable materials like PDF's, infographics, and to access a wide network of resources at your finger tips.

Parental Advocacy

We believe that children have the right to “equal access to both of the child’s biological parents.”

While the POPS organization's success has primarily been with “father advocacy,” we have evolved and developed parenting programs and advocacy for both parents.


POPS Newsletter

September 2018 Newsletter

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POPS Talk Vlog

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Parenting Resources

Follow this link for advice, tips, and insights on parenting, as well as downloadable resources on the best ways to raise your child(ren).